Competition Information

Age Categories: 

  • Pre-Teen  (PT0)    under 7
  •           (PT1)    7 - 9
  •           (PT2)    10-11
  • Junior    (J1)     12-13
  •           (J2)     14-16
  • Youth     (Y)      16-18
  • Pro/Am Single Dance Events (A1)18-30, (A2)31-40, (A3)41-50, (B1)51-60, (B2)61-70, (C1)71-80, (C2)over 80
  • Pro/Am Scholarship and Multi-Dance Events (A)18-35, (B)36-50, (C)over 50
  • Amateur (A)18-35, (B)36-50, (C)over 50
  • No costuming for Pre-Teen competitors, please follow NDCA guidelines.

Solo Exhibition/Group Exhibition 

  • All Solo Exhibition routines are limited to 2-1/2 minutes
  • The music must be given to the D.J. all cued and ready, 1/2 hour before the Exhibition is scheduled to be danced.

Pro/Am Categories:

  • Newcomers, (First time competitor or less than 30 hours of lessons) 
  • Pre-Bronze, Bronze I, Bronze II, Open Bronze
  • Silver I, Silver II, Open Silver
  • Gold I, Gold II, Gold Open, Gold Star 
  • Scholarship
  • Pro/Am Juveniles/Juniors will compete in the same session as the corresponding Adult division.
  • All Scholarship contestants must dance the equivalent events in single dance non-scholarship entries

Amateur Categories:

  • Syllabus Bronze, Silver and Gold
  • Pre-Championship
  • Open Amateur
  • All Amateur American Style (including Juniors) except Open Amateur, will compete in the same session as the corresponding Pro/Am Adult division.


  • NDCA syllabus
  • No continuity style in closed Bronze
  • Silver will be restricted to the Bronze and Silver syllabus
  • Gold will be restricted to syllabus
  • Pre-Championship and Open categories will be unrestricted except for the use of lifts
  • Those not adhering to syllabus restrictions will be warned in early rounds and disqualified in finals.

Dress Code:

  • Costumes are not required in newcomers.
  • Traditional costumes are optional for Pre-Bronze and Bronze I and encouraged for Bronze II and above.
  • Costumes are allowed in amateur Syllabus divisions.